Japan Sourcing

Finding what you are looking for in Japan!

From market research to final sourcing, I can help you find the right partner or product in Japan.

I helped several French companies and individuals finding what they were looking for here in Japan.

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Some of the Japanese ancient gems, such as Temples and Shrines, require you to write them a handwritten letter in Japanese to be able to access their hidden treasure.

It’s the case for the Saiho-ji – Kokedera temple or the Katsura villa in Kyoto for example.

Some Japanese agencies are selling this kind of service but these agencies are limited by the number of demands they can send: from 10 to 100 a month.


I helped several European travellers to get their access by:

  • Writing the letter in Japanese
  • Using my personal address in Japan
  • Arrange the best moment to visit


Communicating with Japanese companies could be difficult.

I’m not speaking about big retail, consulting or banking companies which are delivering world class services. I’m speaking about these small companies which are promoting Japanese culture, craft, food… to the local market.

I can find the gem you are looking for, here in Japan.


I helped a small but fast growing company in France, which is sourcing and selling natural honey from all around the world. A company with a mission: make the world discover the real taste of honey, and raise against the sugar syrup you can find at your grocery store and they still call it “honey”.

I searched and found a small producer of natural honey, who makes a wonderful Sakura honey, only 2 months a year.

I’m happy to help them in their authentic mission !