Electricité Informatique Electronique aka EIE

My very first company :)

More than a project, almost 10 years of my active life.

EIE was the first company I set up at the age of 19 years old. We focused on creating highly resilient networks for our clients.

EIE team successfully delivered number of projects for leading construction and carrier companies in France.

We worked closely with carrier companies to deploy brand new and highly resilient optical fiber networks in Paris and suburbs.

EIE worked on numerous construction projects in France, and delivered state of the art electrical networks!

We worked also on several computer networking project, as well as A/V and signal transmission.

EIE also delivered consulting services for the account of its clients. Strong of its teams valuable knowledge, we designed several networks charge along with their calculations and possible optimisations.

Multi-million projects delivered
0 +
Peak workforce

Learning all the way.

I created, then developed my company from scratch, learning along the way a very large panel of skills.

The journey never went as planned, both success and mistakes have been made/achieved, and learnings have been great. I’m very proud of what I accomplished with my company and clients I assisted in their projects.