La French Tech Tokyo

From the original idea to the official FT label!

From La French Tech Japan to French Tech Tokyo >>>

I have been one of the “La French Tech Japan” community initiator back to 2014-2016.

We, with some other tech enthusiast, animated the French start-up community in Japan, and participated to the premises of the eco-system building.

Our target was to facilitate relationships within French Business organizations like CCIFJ, UBI France, and with French-Japanese Universities…

We built a community of startup enthusiasts, organizing pitch, networking, VC meeting events in Tokyo and Osaka, and encouraging cooperation and exchanges within the community.

We worked closely with the French government to establish, in October 2016, one of the first labeled overseas French Tech Hub: French Tech Tokyo was born !


Launch event of French Tech Tokyo

With all the Tokyo FTT community and the French Tech team from France.


Emmanuel Macron in Tokyo, 2016

Article about La French Tech Tokyo on Maddyness in French