Tech Titans of China

A brand new and very contemporary book on all Chinese tech titans and their American counterparts. The book is solely focused on these big two tech opponents that are the Silicon Valley and the -not emerging anymore- “Silicon Dragons”, a kind of pacific side tech war. If you are looking for a more local analysis, pass on it, we are speaking macro here! (comparisons are sometime a bit overlooked)

The book describes well the VC’s rush on China technological companies and how some new Chinese new born companies are ruling in China and some (very) few in the world, at a pace never seen before. China is not anymore a copycat champion but is since several years an innovation engine for e-commerce, deep tech, AI, clean energies and robotics. You love tech? Definitely think China.

On the other hand, as the book is very contemporary, the emphasis is made on the technological war Beijing and Washington are fighting that impact the whole world and may redesign the tech landscape forever. I personally really appreciated the take and tone of the author regarding this point.


  • China evolved from copycat factory to a fully fledge innovation center that Silicon Valley (titans) startup are now copying to stay in the race
  • China 2025 plans to grow its internal consumer market and strategy for digital independency and technological supremacy
  • The infamous China/US trade war involving some of the world’s biggest tech companies like Huawei, Qualcomm, Tesla, Tencent. Great source of information and insights on what can come next!
  • Many tech titans described here are mobile first, as is most of the Chinese population nowadays. Mark it, as this involve new behaviors, new processes… and these tech companies have already fully jump in. As the world tend to move to a mobile first future, Chinese companies are already prepared for the next step.