China’s Disruptors

Let’s continue on the China’s business books series with China’s Disruptors from Edward Tse, which gives a good analysis of how the China system was continuously disrupted by its entrepreneurs.

Lately I read a lot of books about China and just felt that this one lacked on details about companies themselves, but was great describing how and why Official China has contributed to the rise of the country and its “disruptors behemoths” we know today. China is not anymore a country of low quality – low added value products, rather it’s a super-power that is rocketing its rise farther. To succeed in China companies has to localize even further their operations and adopt an ultra-competitive business mind where rules, products, norms are changing in an even faster pace as we can see anywhere else in the world.


  • The greatest takeaway of this book is the analysis of “Official China” involvement in the process of disruption, from a hard ruling system (the opening of China economy) to a laissez-faire kind of behavior when innovation reached grey zones or where nothing was existing. Nowadays Official China have to cope with the continual flow of innovation by adapting and also leading them on the big picture.
  • Localize your operations farther, change your visions on obvious major threats (copy, IP, ventures, fast changing rules…) and make them your strength by shifting to a Chinese customer centric approach, strategy proven right by almost all Chinese successful companies and “disruptors”.
  • Adaptability and rapidity are key.