2020… If a bad year had a name it would be this number.

The pandemic alone launched changes at an unprecedented pace in a lot of organisations, redefining the way we work. Remote is the new norm, adapt or die.

In line with the new normal and personal choices, I decided to resign from my IT manager position at Export Japan after 6 years of service, and re-kickstart my entrepreneur life and give a shot to my quietly sleeping company. The advantage of shifting from full-time employee to full-time entrepreneur is the allocation of your time, I can now work on my projects along with my clients projects, and allocate the time spent freely.

Speaking upcoming projects / clients / plans, the future is bright in these dark times:

  • I now work with Export Japan as an external consultant, helping them with their innovative projects! Despite my resignation, I still have a foot in the business.
  • I also officially joined a French Startup, Gamifly, which just closed its seed round early 2020, and with which I had ties since 2018 starting to represent the company in Japan. We are riding the Esports rocket by providing solutions to enhance public engagement and brands visibility.
  • On a more personal-professional side, I plan to move to China by the end of this year and create a new company there, to address this gigantic market!

On a global perspective, 2020 hits hard, but finally it leads some well welcomed infrastructure changes.

On a personal perspective, 2020 was a kind of crossroad, challenging my choices and making me think about what will happen next for me and my family. I decided to move over new opportunities introduced by this world crisis, and challenge myself further at the age of 32.

My next stop will be Suzhou, in China. Can’t wait to be there!