I came back to Japan in November 2013 with a working holiday visa.

I was part of a business delegation from France, organised by the “Val d’Oise” department. I had the opportunity to meet several government and companies actors especially in the Kansai area.

I decided to create my own company there with a local partner. We built an end-to-end solution for companies to digitalise their loyalty programs on Android and iOS. The idea was to able all type of shops to use our solution for their loyalty strategy, from the digitalisation of a simple stamp card to the digitalisation of existing systems into our solution, reducing the impact of paper waste, costs, and also letting our users’ to slim their wallet !

We ended not actually creating the company, with only few days left on my Visa, I had to react really quick.

The most interesting part was that we had a working solution, with features several months ahead big players (like Line or Apple with their “what’s around”).

This is where you have to chose carefully your partners to avoid big waste of time, money and credibility !