Chorus was my second project as an IT engineer, for the French government. Back to the time it was the biggest information system deployed in France based on SAP, which will manage all the French government purchases.

I was assigned to the data migration of SPM (services du Premier Ministre aka “Prime Minister services”). The idea was to transform and update data to be relevant in the new system, to summarise, have a smooth transition to the new system and don’t disappoint SPM agents (enabling browsing of old data, history, projects, budgets…). After months of data update rush, my team delivered a clean database one week ahead the deadline.

Then I moved to the Training team, to teach end-users how to use the new system and how their business processes will be impacted, and then took part of the support team, where I delivered with my team state of the art functional teaching, on site user assistance, level 2 technical support, and issues qualification, managing upgrade and change requests.

It was a pleasure to work in the most beautiful places of Paris !