I had the chance to participate to an “exchange internship” in the Osaka Prefectoral University, situated in the south of Osaka, during around 5 months.

I always wanted to visit Japan, this “far with an interesting culture” country. This experience actually changed my life.

I was affected to an IT project involving PHP development, OCR, and needs definition, in order to improve students’ learning skills and teachers’ educational skills for the university.

I worked together with a Japanese student on technical and functional aspects of this new solution of PHP powered questionnaires which will gather feedbacks from both students and teachers after each term.

We designed and set up for the matter a database recording all results and a frontend solution to display visual graphics, making the data understandable by everybody.

This experience actually shaped my mind, and I wanted to know more about Japan, and try to work there someday. I came back to France with a head full of dreams and started to polish my Japanese language skills !