Elon Musk

Great in depth biography of Elon Musk, the real “Tony Stark” with a vision and a Masterplan to make all of us energy efficient and interstellar dreamers.

What is stunning about the life of Elon is the “all or nothing” mind he puts in every decision he makes, and settle for nothing less than -his- dreams. He launched different revolutions that impacted not only automotive industry, but a lot of others, and still today define what will happen next.

There is of course back fire to that, notably on all the staff that doesn’t live the dream, they are simply left on the side of the road.


  • Captivating story of a real modern-time genius
  • All or Nothing (and the fact you can’t settle for less), a real motivational lesson, but at what price ? Business is war, with real bullets…
  • Lessons in management, should they be great or not